How Facebook Cuts Down Your iPhone Battery Life?

iPhone Battery Life

Are you one of them that are blaming their iPhone Battery Life is short than your requirement?  iPhone Battery Life is most crucial problem for its users. Then you are in the wrong lane. Your iPhone is innocent the major culprit are Facebook apps that are cutting down the battery life of your iPhone. It’s quite exhausting … Read more

Facebook’s Acquisition of Oculus VR in 2 Billion Dollars: Right or Wrong?

Facebook's Acquisition of Oculus VR

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is becoming shopaholic day by day recently he purchased WhatsApp for around $19 billion and a drone company Titan Aerospace for $60 Million. WhatsApp is on a path to connect 1 billion people, said Zuckerberg in his filing. The services that reach that milestone are all incredibly valuable. Well it’s crystal … Read more

Twitter’s Latest Feature: What’s Your “First Tweet?”

First Tweet

Recently, the popular Social media site Twitter added a fresh addition to Twitter called “First Tweet”. Twitter launched it on its 8th birthday.  This feature shows you the first tweet of any Twitter user or Personality.  People began to express a little something on Twitter in 2006. There were 140-character bursts of plain text. After Eight … Read more

Facebook Plans to Buy Drone Company Titan Aerospace for $60 Million

facebook buys Titan Aerospace’s Drones

Facebook is in conversation with other giant technology companies to disseminate internet connection to the isolated parts of the world. For this purpose Facebook Plans to Buy Drone Company Titan Aerospace. The light weight solar paneled air drones are supposed to remain in the air for 5 years without landing. This social network company is one … Read more

Facebook bought Whats app for 19$ Billion

Whats app is a popular messaging app. This app was founded by former Yahoo engineers Jan Koum and Brian Acton. More than 450 million people all around the world use this popular app. According to the reports, Facebook paid $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash to buy Whats app. An additional amount of $3 billion … Read more

Ways To Improve Galaxy S Line of Smartphones

Introduction: Samsung is going to unveil its new model Samsung Galaxy S5 in S series. The model is rumored to be launched within one wee i.e. February 24, 2014. This time Samsung has to prove itself by learning from the past mistakes and making certain improvements. Last year Samsung’s model Galaxy S4 didn’t match its expectations and … Read more

Smartphone Buyers Guide – Things You Must Consider While Buying

Smartphone Buyers Guide

Smartphone is the best invention of today’s life. A smartphone gives you the flexibility to keep lots of your things in one place. There was a time when you were going on a trip with friends; you need to carry lot of things with you like laptop, camera, GPS for navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot etc. But … Read more

6 Ways to Protect Your Personal Data on Internet–ReadTheTech

According to internet world stats, 2.4 billion people are using internet till writing this post. With such a huge growth remaining online changes the fate of many. Some connected with this massive audience specially and now they are considered giants in their own field. Like in real life there are also thieves, spies and secret agents … Read more