How Facebook Cuts Down Your iPhone Battery Life?

Are you one of them that are blaming their iPhone Battery Life is short than your requirement?  iPhone Battery Life is most crucial problem for its users. Then you are in the wrong lane. Your iPhone is innocent the major culprit are Facebook apps that are cutting down the battery life of your iPhone. It’s quite exhausting actually to charge your battery after every 2-3 hours. Everyone wants a durable battery life. Apple’s iPhone has very short battery life 1,560 milliamp-hours (mAh) as compare to other smart phones having capacity of 2,600 or 3000 mAh. This short battery life remains a big issue till now and there is bandwagon of articles covering this issue and giving tips on how to improve iPhone battery life. But today, we will be particularly discussing about the reasons behind How Facebook Cuts Down Your iPhone Battery Life?

Deep Digging into the Problem

iPhone Battery Life

An ex Apple genius Scott Loveless said

Disable Background App Refresh for Facebook or other apps you don’t absolutely need to stay up-to-date all the time”  he has a job of dealing with battery life complains. Loveless also examined the nature of Facebook apps causing short battery life to his iPhone S5.

Loveless explained that

During testing, Facebook kept jumping up on the process list even though I wasn’t using it. So I tried disabling Location Services and Background App Refresh for Facebook, and you’ll never guess what happened: my battery percentage increased, It jumped from 12 percent to 17 percent. Crazy. I’ve never seen that happen before on an iPhone.

He further digs that:

I decided to run the app Instruments from Xcode, Apple’s developer tool, in order to see what the problem was. Basically, Instruments acts as an Activity Monitor for your iPhone, allowing developers (or nerds like me) to see every process currently running and how much memory and processing power each app is using in real-time.

Another Developer:

German iOS app developer, Sebastian Düvel find out that in the background Facebook app run constantly. Moreover, he also found out that messenger feature needs a constant and full time connection in order to run service voice calling and as well as for immediate messaging through Wi-Fi in States and other world’s market. Also, the app refreshing is gathering new data constantly and continuously to update news feed .This easily signifies that Facebook battery’s consumption is not an accident it’s a pre planned strategy. For this research purpose he took Apple’s Instruments OS X app this app helped him out to observe and test iOS code. Thus, another conclusion is also going against Facebook. Facebook apps sleep for just 10sec and then activate after every 10 sec. This is quite witty skill actually because other apps don’t do this. Every Facebook including Facebook Messenger app  exhibits this character.

iPhone Battery Life

Apple rules:

Apple has strict rules according to Apple that in the background most apps don’t run actively. However there are few exceptions in this case for few apps like Pandora and Spotify run music in the background when you are using another app like navigation based apps Voip apps like skype nad TomTom apps. Here Faceboook plays its game because it’s like audio and VOip app that continuously devour your iPhone battery’s life.

Tips to save iPhone battery life:

Loveless and Pocket-lint brings some battery saving tips for iPhone users out there.

Pocket-Lint recommended the following steps to save iPhone Battery Life:

Disable Background App Refresh:

1.     Select Background App Refresh.

2.     Switch Background App Refresh to off

3.     Select General

4.     Open Setting

Disable Location Service

1.     Select Privacy

2.     Select Privacy

3.     Switch Location Services to off.

4.     Open Settings

Loveless Recommendations:

1.     Stop quitting apps in multitasking

2.     Turn off battery percentage

3.     Enable Airplane Mode in poor service areas

4.      Disable push on some apps

5.     Disable push email

Loveless also recommend that cellular data portion of your smart phone can also be disable. By doing this step endless search for data will be blocked and you will only receive phone calls by Wi-Fi.