Top 10 Complains of Men About Women

Generally, it is considered that women are more nagging as compared to men. True! but that doesn’t mean men have no problems or complains especially when there is a “wife” in their life. For some guys out there “woman” is a biggest problem in itself. Well that completely depends on your experience. Woman tends to be a sensitive and emotional creature and that is why sometimes women create problems because they can’t think logically. On the other side men are logical and their decisions are more rational rather than emotional. Complains differ from person to person and below are the Top 10 Complains of Men About Women.

10. Unpredictable:

Women are usually very unpredictable. They plan one thing and then change their idea after sometime. Their emotions and reactions are quite simultaneous. You can’t really judge their next step. That creates panic in man’s mind. Most men think that this behavior is quite odd and sucking. But these are women who are not easy to understand, just accept it.

She’s a woman, you’re a dude. You’re not supposed to understand her. That’s not what she’s after…. She doesn’t want you to understand her. She knows that’s impossible. She just wants you to understand yourself. Everything else is negotiable.
― Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

 9Critical Nature:

Most men think that women excel in criticism. They criticize them for each and everything. Even if they do right thing, criticism will chase them. Men need space of their own. They want to get appreciated even for small things they do for their better halves. Criticism is quite irritating for men they will ultimately detach their self from you if you keep on this sort of behavior.

Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it. ― George Carlin

Top 10 Complains of Men About Women

8. Double Standards:

Going  Dutch is most preferable term when it comes off dating. I will pay for my dinner and you will pay for your but after sometime women use this against men. That is quite rude actually. They want equal right in everything but at the same time they want men to take charge and be dominating in every decision. Men get easily frustrated at this behavior.

7. Fantasy world:

Women’s biggest problem is their “Fantasy”. Although deep down they know that they can’t get a man like “Sherlock Holmes” but they still crave for it. Women have high ideals and they want men to sit on their knees all the time holding flowers in their hands. This is not possible practically, men have many responsibilities they have to raise their family. So, girls it’s the time to take a check what you are actually doing.

6. Drama Queens:

Guy’s biggest complain ever is that women are emotional drama. They try to melt them down with their tears. They know how to do this task and they do it well, women are excellent “Drama Queens” . They know how to mould a situation in their favor by the power of their tears. Men can’t do this they think this behavior as quite “emotional blackmailing” and this sucks them.

Top 10 Complains of Men About Women

5. Project to be fixed:

Women play  “BOSS BOSS”, they want to take  charge of man’s life. Women think men as a “project to be fixed” rather than a human being. They think that everything should be molded according to their own requirements just like a Boss needs. One thing women have to keep in their minds is that men are not machines they are humans. Men need their personal space and women snatch it from them giving them the sense of insecurity.

 4. Jealous and Insecure nature:

Yeah! That’s the universal truth that women are jealous creatures. This is something in their nature they are habitual of it. Women get insecure easily if men are talking to any other women or trying to be friendly. Women can’t bear it, they think of this as their insult. As a result they try to control men. Men usually get easily scare at this type of situation and they think of this as the worst ever attitude women exhibits.

Top 10 Complains of Men About Women

3. Possessive Creatures:

When love becomes obsessive it becomes possessiveness and it kills the trust, ultimately losing trust and worth.  Women are quite obsessive they don’t trust easily especially when they know that their husbands are surrounded by beautiful women at their working place. They also used to spy like checking their spouse’s cell phone, messages, emails and much more. This sort of behavior is never acceptable by men.

2. Women don’t share:

As mentioned above women are possessive by nature it is hard for them to share their men with anyone as well as with their parents. They don’t accept their husband’s parents easily.

1. Perceptions:

What if women stop thinking? That would be the happiest day for men. Women have a lot of perceptions and usually all of these go against men. For example: men can’t make it early at home because he has a lot of work at office. But women think that he must be busy with his ex. Boys think this as the most irritating behavior ever.

Top 10 Complains of Men About Women