How to Factory Reset Chinese Android Tablet

Recently one of my Chinese android tablet’s passwords was changed by kids. These cheap Chinese tablets do not give option to recover forgotten password by entering google play email address and password. So I tried to factory reset Chinese android tablet by different conventional methods but no luck.

I used different key combinations like pressing power and volume keys simultaneously but did not succeeded. I searched a lot on the internet and tried many methods as well but things remain same. Remember you can’t give factory reset Chinese android tablet by pressing volume and power keys.

After many hit and trial methods I came up with a solution. By using it I removed the password successfully without factory or hard reset. Below is the method used to factory reset Chinese android tablet.

How to give factory reset Chinese android tablet?


  • First you need to connect your tablet with the PC/laptop


  • Check in “Device manager” either system detected the tablet or not. How to factory reset Chinese android tablet


  • If system detected the device then install “Android Multi Tools”. Otherwise you need drivers to detect your device. Download “ADB driver installer” from Here. After installing “ADB driver installer” laptop will detect the device.factory reset Chinese android tablet


  • Now install “Android Multi Tools” .You can download it from Here.
  • Once android multi tool downloaded run its .EXE file. The window will be look alike the picture below.factory reset Chinese android tablet how to do


  • Press “1” and then press “Enter” to check either the device is connected or not.

Once you got confirmed that device is connected chose your desired option to reset Face/Pin/Gesture/Pattern lock or you can chose factory reset option as well. Remember hard reset will wipe out your all data.

Your android tablet will restart automatically after this procedure.

By above mentioned procedure you can easily remove any lock or factory reset Chinese android tablet.

Note: The above mentioned procedure to factory reset Chinese android tablet is tried and tested however readthetech is not responsible for any damage to your device.