How To Speed Test Wi-Fi Router Performance With WiFi SweetSpots App

There are lots of traditional ways to measure the performance of a Wi-Fi network either by viewing the signal bars or doing other speed tests.  A speed test will only let you know the download and upload speed towards the server. It will not tell you how much speed you are getting from your router to the end device (smartphone, PC, Laptop, Gaming gadgets or any Wi-Fi enabled device).

WiFi Sweetspots app helps you to measure the speed of your router. It not only tells how much is your link speed between your device and Wi-Fi router but also help you to optimize your network performance. WiFi SweetSpots app also tells that at which position or point you can get maximum signal strength from your router.

With the help of WiFi SweetSpots app you can check the competence of your Wi-Fi network. If you want to transfer data, play games , watch movies and do other stuff on a Wi-Fi network, you should be aware with the capabilities of that Wi-Fi network , either it is supporting these huge tasks or not. WiFi SweetSpots app helps you to do all this with simple steps.

WiFI SweetSpots app

How to use WiFi SweetSpots app?

WiFi SweetSpots app is a very handy and easy to use. Just install it and you are good to go. Connect your smartphone with a Wi-Fi network and WiFi Sweetspots app will let you know your network speed. You can move around the room or in the house to detect the sweet spots where you can get maximum Wi-Fi signals strength. Also you can record the maximum speed at those points.  There is also an audio option to use it. Just tap the speaker icon on the top right corner and the beep guides you. If your smartphone beeps twice in a second that will be the point where you can achieve maximum signal strength.

With the help of WiFi SweetSpots app now you can place your Wi-Fi router at proper point or you can chose a better place to enjoy maximum results of your Wi-Fi network.

WiFI SweetSpots app

How do you evaluate your Wi-Fi network performances? Let us know in comments.

WiFi SweetSpots app is totally free and available for both android and iOS.

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