Top 15 Ways to Impress a Girl

The most frequently asked question by boys is how to impress a girl or how to let her fall in your love. Most of the guys end up screwing girls instead of impressing them. This is quite common in guys they just hit with wrong angle and end up spoiling the opportunity. There are many ways to Impress a Girl. But let me tell you if you flaunt your money and status in front of girls to impress them, then there are pretty chances that you will be rejected. The reason is your fake attitude and showing off nature. Girls don’t like fakeness they go for real. All girls are different from each other, you can’t easily tell which thing would make them fall for you. Below are some ways to impress a girl through which every girl would please to fall for you.

15. Look in her eyes:

Eye contact is most important deal to impress a girl. You can also call it impressing through eye language. If the girl is too beautiful then it is pretty hard task to concentrate on conversation. But don’t stare, this is harmful task. This might destroy your image in front of your crush.

  14.Don’t be crazy:

Seriously! Don’t chase her like a crazy person. This would scare the girl and chances are fair that this would make you cheap and sort of loafer.Remember! Most of the girls falls for those men who don’t fall for them. So be gentle, calm and unapproachable. This will raise your worth in front of girls.

 13.Look matters:

Tit for tat! If you can fall for them because of their looks then they can also do the same and they do. So try to be neat and clean. Smelling good is also the most important feature if you stink then only flies will catch you. Stink can reduce your chances to get her. Be clean shaved and smell good when you really wanna catch her.

12. Be Gentle:

Gentleness costs nothing but give you more in return. Girls crave for gentlemen and there are very few left on this planet. Be gentle and show mannerism in front of her especially, don’t stare other girls when you are with her. Gentleness is unique thing and girls fall for it.

15 Ways to Impress a Girl

11.Tease her:

Girls loved to get teased but they don’t show that. Just go for this tool and be naughty this time. Throw good and amusing jokes on her but in a playful way. Don’t get harsh and insensitive.

10. Be patient:

Patience is the key once you get it you will get the whole idea. That is quite practical that no girl will fall for you in a minute, you have to wait and to cultivate some feelings in her. If you are in rush chances are there that you will ruin every effort.

9. Be Humorous:

Girls love to laugh and ultimately love those guys who make them laugh. Naturally, girls are attracted to men with awesome sense of humor, Be the one.

8.When You talk to her just Talk to her:

Yup! Give your proper attention whenever you are with her. Don’t pay attention to your mobile phone. Simply say no to cell phone. Girls appreciate those boys who give proper attention to them. Show her that she is most important person for you right now.

Ways to Impress a Girl

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7.Try to be there when she needs you:

This is really a big deal let’s imagine may be she is in trouble and you offer her your help. This deed will create feelings and respect in her heart. So, what you need more than that.

6.Socialize with her friends:

You can’t ask her for a date in initial phase. Make it simple socialize with her friends. Through this you will get a golden opportunity to spend quality time with her and to know her much better.

5. Be Charming:

Charm her with your personality and your speaking style. Girls like those guys who have a good speaking style. Ask questions about her family, her background, like where she grow up and how many siblings she has. You can also impress her with your compliments but don’t give that compliments frequently.

4.Be intelligent:

I don’t say be like Einstein surely you can’t and if you are, then books are good for you not girls. But be smart in your approach girls will appreciate that.

3.Be Macho:

Yeah! Go for some workout. Be muscular and macho and a rough-tough guy. Girls will love you.

2.Be caring:

All of the above mentioned things will not work if you don’t show passion and care in your attitude. All of the above things are for creating impression but this thing is for cultivating a true relationship for the long term. This thing only comes when you truly love her.

1.Be Natural:

Don’t be artificial in your approach as simple as that. If you sow that you are trying then simply you are playing fake. Be natural and comfortable don’t show any sign that you are trying.