Top 10 Ways of Dealing with Difficult People

There are 6.4 billion folks on this mighty earth. All are of different colors, race, language and nature. Surely there are chances of conflict. It is almost impossible to have friendly relation with everyone as well as  to get positive vibes from every folk out there. The world is full with difficult people  and dealing with difficult people is hectic. Sometimes, circumstances create difficult people and sometimes people are difficult by birth. Whatever they are, it is a tough task to deal with them. They may hit you everywhere, in school, university, college or at working place. These type of folks wanna trigger you negatively and wants to bring the worst in you. There is no need to shout or to lose temperament, all you have to do is to calm your nerves, composure and self control. You need to learn the art of how to deal with these difficult people.  Below are some Top 10 Ways of Dealing with Difficult People.

Ways of Dealing with Difficult People

10. Accept them:

If you accept the problem you win half battle. Cognitive-Behavioral school, worship this statement that the root cause of negative emotions are due to people’s own negative thinking. Stop thinking negative yeah! Just accept them if you can’t change them. Changing require an unending and continuous effort. And why should you spend your whole life on these difficult ones. Ancient Stoics tell us just change your reaction towards them because they also know you can’t change them.

9. Keep your guard up:

Wise people know how to tackle with black sheep while living with them. Sometimes, there are situations you can’t control like at offices it is difficult to avoid them because you need their cooperation. Just spot them and then make yourself more precise when it comes off dealing with them. Otherwise, they will drag you in their filthy negative world.

8. Keep calm:

It’s a psychological fact that angrier our thinking becomes the harsh and negative we become. It is quite rare to bring any positive vibes by giving reaction to a negative person. He will give us more intense and even worse response. Our psychology will become more defensive hence wasting our time and energy. Keep calm and control your temper there are many ways to tackle these creatures. Silence is the key.

Ways of Dealing with Difficult People

7. Ego’s Battle:

Have you ever come across violent thoughts and tighter stomach after an impulsive response? If the answer is yes then it’s your ego’s battle. It happens when you give an impulsive reaction to a negative person without actually thinking about the consequences. This might calm your mind but your guts can easily show you the warning signs. Don’t make difficult people the battle inside your soul. It will simply consume you. The key is to act smartly.

6. Freedom of speech:

This is also an excellent way of tackling difficult people. Yup they are also humans they are born as an independent human being. Nature gives them the freedom of speech you are not the only one here. May be they have harsh and radical views about you, but what you can do? It’s their own opinion it’s not about you it’s about you it’s about them.

5. Exercise:

Exercise is the best way to release depression and negative feelings from our body. If you are really in aggression then go for a long walk, swim or horse riding. It will purify you and filter your mind and body by giving an easy way out to them.

Ways of Dealing with Difficult People

4. Be funny:

Believe it or not if you have an excellent sense of humor and you are funny then you can solve your mightiest problems. Look! You can’t say everything in a direct mode, sometimes situations are not that favorable. Then in this case only one thing will help you and that is your “humor”. Say what you actually mean say in a playful and funny way will hit them at the right place.

3. Interpersonal Intelligence:

Interpersonal intelligence means  person’s ability to observe and differentiate different  moods, feelings, and motivations of others. If you have high interpersonal intelligence then that shows how capable and intelligent you are to deal with person according to their idiosyncrasy and temperaments. Hey! You wanna develop this? It’s quite easy just notice the personalities around you. Just observe the way they meet people, the way they tackle them and how they deal with unpleasant situations and people. You have to observe and practice this who knows one day you will become interpersonal intelligent.

2. Worst scenario:

Alas! What if worst scenario really hit you. I mean its life and everything can happen (sometimes worst scenarios have the great tendency to catch you). All you have to do is breathe deeply and question yourself.

  • What if I don’t reply back , what is the worst thing that can happen?
  • And if I give a reaction, what worse it will bring for me.

Further this no article can help you, you have to take your own decision wisely so that you do not feel any regret in future.

1. Just forgive:

Maybe you are cursing me while reading this. But believe me forgiveness is the best revenge. Your facial expressions must be smiling and normal in these situations. Once Oscar Wild said that if you really want to take revenge then forgive your enemy, nothing will bother him more.

Ways of Dealing with Difficult People