10 Best Android Apps You Must Have in Your Smartphone

What are the best android apps you must have in your Smartphone? This is the question pope up in everyone’s mind who own an android smartphone.┬áIf you owned an android device and are app fanatic then you must have lots of apps installed on it. Everyone has different and unique choice about applications he uses. … Read more

6 Ways to Protect Your Personal Data on Internet–ReadTheTech

According to┬áinternet world stats, 2.4 billion people are using internet till writing this post. With such a huge growth remaining online changes the fate of many. Some connected with this massive audience specially and now they are considered giants in their own field. Like in real life there are also thieves, spies and secret agents … Read more

Infographic: Which Smartphone Has The Best Battery Life?

While buying a smartphone mostly people focus on camera, resolution, memory and design. While there are few who considering the battery life while purchasing a smartphone. Battery life of a smartphone is the key thing to note before purchasing it. Because without a decent battery all the high end resolution and multi mega pixels are … Read more

How to Give Factory Reset to LG Optimus F120K

Factory Reset to LG Optimus F120K

Recently one of my colleague is came up with an issue. He owns LG optimus F120k cell phone. It was pattern locked due to wrong password entrance asking for email address and password. But neither the 3G or WiFi was enabled when the cell get locked. So the only solution was to give it a … Read more