Infographic: Which Smartphone Has The Best Battery Life?

While buying a smartphone mostly people focus on camera, resolution, memory and design. While there are few who considering the battery life while purchasing a smartphone. Battery life of a smartphone is the key thing to note before purchasing it. Because without a decent battery all the high end resolution and multi mega pixels are useless. briefly showed the analysis in infographic about the battery life of recent high end phones.

According to these infographic Samsung Galaxy S4 is the winner among all its peers. Despite of AMOLED display, 14 mega pixel camera multi-core processors and high resolution this mobile gives you the best battery uses.  You can call 1051 minutes and can use 405 minutes of internet, which is impressive. iPhone 5 which is much high in price tag offers a very poor battery life. Although it gives you the opportunity to charge more quickly than others.

The Sony Xperia Z, Google Nexus 4 and HTC One all performed reasonably well, with the Sony managing an impressive 985 minutes of call time before finally expiring.

Well things are not good when it comes to internet uses. As iPhone5 give you only 4.30 hours of internet uses while Samsung galaxy slightly better and it offers almost 7 hours to use internet.

As far as the price is concern Google Nexus 4 is really impressive, came at no 3 in talk time and has better performance on internet uses than iPhone 5.

 Which Smartphone Has The Best Battery Life?


Infographic: Which Smartphone Has The Best Battery Life
Infographic: Which Smartphone Has The Best Battery Life

It is notable that iPhone5 with a huge price tag did not perform reasonably in battery uses. It is a big challenge for Apple that what they offer in their next flagship. Are they able to beat Samsung or Samsung keep mesmerizing his customers with their amazing smartphone features?

Nokia Lumia 920 failed to sustain any prominent position in this list. Nokia still need much more hard work to compete in the market of smartphone.

So which cell phone you guys will buy, Samsung galaxy S4 or still obsessed with iPhone 5 prestige? Tell us in comments section below.