Penguemic World Domination: A Game by Learn District Startup

PENGUEMIC World Domination is an educational game. It is a creation by learn District the basic aim of this is to promote literacy and fun way of education through gaming. Laila Shabbir is the CEO of Learn District, she is an IT woman who has earned her degree from MIT. She is an developer, passionate game designer and economist. San Diego, California based entrepreneur who has a talented team of wonderful people. The team lives together and spends their day while playing video games and then create better and rectified version at night. Laila Shabbir is much into education her aim is to create different and fun ways of education through which children won’t even notice that they are learning something new through this technology. Yeah! Gaming is so much into fashion that it is becoming the lifestyle of youngsters. Through advancements in technology everyone has an easy access to iPad, iPhone, Tablets and smart phones youngsters are fired by these tech-gadgets. Just notice around you there are many children that are aggressive game lovers they stick to their tablet all the time you can say the angry gadget birds of gaming world. EH! This is annoying sometimes, but instead of criticizing you have to embrace it. All we have to do is to change the genre of these games to root “Passion for learning” in our young minds. In our past, Educational Games has been too much neglected; instead of their light and funny mode of teaching they didn’t get any lime light in gaming industry. Learn District Startup is trying to embed these games again in a fresh way.

Penguemic World Domination

Sadly, Educating games are the pariah of gaming zone the Black sheep indeed. Learn District is initializing its efforts to convert this black sheep into a black horse.

As someone interested in educating a generation, gaming is the most exciting industry to be in because of its effectiveness and growing presence in day to day life. There’s much good to be done with gaming; we’re only scratching at the surface today -CEO/ Founder Laila Shabbir

Penguemic World Domination:

 PENGUEMIC World Domination is an outcome of these efforts. It is an educating plus fun oriented game. It’s all about the power of your vocabulary. Hey! Youngsters do you have that power to destroy these nasty polar bears? Whoa then join hands with the gang of penguins that are quite fed up with the monstrous creatures trying to make them scrumptious penguin treat for their ferocious taste buds. Whoa! Penguins are not laughingstock anymore now they refuse to be cute and girlish creature. Whoa! They are aggressive warriors now don’t angry them.

Penguemic World Domination

The Game Play:

The game play is scattered in various continents and there are different villains in every region. Almost there are 10 different battle fields.  So! Be ready face these monsters kick them out and show them your real super powers.

In China

Elitist Panda is there no no it’s not Kung Fu panda it’s a proud giant panda that consider penguin’s tiny miny laughing stock. Give him a punch on his face by your vocabulary. He also thinks you have no worth for his time.

In India

The elephant is waiting for you in India Hedonistic Elephant is on its way.

In Australia

Larceny Kangaroo this nasty guy will steal your money.

In world 2

You will meet sage penguin ready to beat polar bears out there.

Get ready! It’s the time for action the monstrous creatures will attack you with super words each appearing in the SAT*/GRE**/GMAT*** exams. You need good reflexes, good know how of penguins and yeah fast thinking to encounter. Bombard them with best vocabulary and show them their way out. At the initial stage one of two cards will be available to you representing allied units. Further more! You will receive more cards that are randomly selected from a pair of aggressive abracadabra and defensive magic spells. These vocabulary words have the ability to combat with enemies.

Penguemic World Domination

As our enemies’ cyclone attack the battlefield, allied unit will be send to face them. Be prepared though – if your unit is the wrong counter to the enemy then you will add magic spells and abracadabra to add strength to your team.

All the game revolves around sensing and recognizing the word and then giving the best and most suitable response to them. Otherwise, you will be a loser rockie! Cards have an cool down attach to them if you randomly pick cards you will add shame to Penguin Empire. Will you?

Penguins have high hopes for you rockie! Don’t let their ally fall in front of that monsters they trusted you! Just manage your abilities, be calm and compose. All this game needs is quick thinking with compose management.

Penguemic World Domination


The game is a fun and joyful way to learn. If you are going for a SATor GAT test is the best way to sharp your skills. Without creating any aggression in you this game cultivate best vocabulary in you. Say thanks to penguins.