Top 4 Futurist Predictions That Remain Unfulfilled

Futurist Predictions-A gateway to our future have you seen the Future? No one has seen it. We can only imagine it through over predictions and yeah also through Sci-Fi movies.  These movies take us into an entirely different world where we meet ice age, flying cars, flying humans, and Super natural human and yup you can also take a glimpse of Aliens. Similarly, during 19th century many predictions were made for the future that remains unfulfilled till now. So, the only thing we can do is to wait and watch when these predictions come true. Till then let’s not waste time and know the Top 4 Futurist Predictions That Remain Unfulfilled.

4: Colonies on the moon

The NEW YORK in 1982, conducted a poll in which many futurists take part. One of them was renowned Ray Kurzweil. The poll targeted the What next 20 years would bring? Kurzweil’s predictions were quite conservative in their nature like smaller families with one or no children and as well as cooperative workspaces. Radical and much unusual prediction was thrown by Barbara Hubbard –an independent futurist she said that there will be colonies on the moon and she also predicted the possibility of cosmic civilization. She said

There are the materials of a thousand earths on the moon and asteroids, In 20 years, there is the possibility of a cosmic civilization.” However, Hubbard cautioned that the infantile species” — humans — must “take its mind off destruction and concentrate on construction”

She predicted for year 2002. Till now we are living in modern civilization not in cosmic civilization. This is why this is on top of our list.

3: Flying bicycles

The prediction of Air planes come true, what if someone say in 1600 that in future there will be airplanes  you would rather call him insane at that time. But after some centuries this prediction  was fulfilled. Jules Bois in 1909, predicted the concept of flying bicycles this man was referred as “Mystic” and “Frenchman” by The New York Times. He predicted that

A kind of flying bicycle will have been invented which will enable everybody to traverse the air at will, far above the earth. Hardly any one will remain in the cities at night. They will be places of business only. People of every class will reside in the country or in garden towns at considerable distances from the populous centers.

2: Space travel

An article published in 1952 from the Kentucky New Era concept of Space travel was predicted. From London   International Congress of Astronautics and from New York  the American Chemical Society predicted that in 2000, transport through rocket in the space would be common and accessible as well as solar power would be the most common and  giant source of energy. Apart from these overpopulation and extinction of diseases were also predicted. Dr. Werner von Braun said that

The first step toward true space navigation [will be] earth moons — man-made satellites high in the earth’s atmosphere,” he was quite sure of this.

Moreover, the New Era also said

Persons stationed on these earth moons continuously circling around the world will be able to observe and report any unusual activity that threatens peace on earth. Supported against the earth’s gravitational pull by the centrifugal force of its rapid motion, only moderate power will be needed to launch space ships from these satellites which possess no atmosphere.

1: Televisions with 3D and “smellevision”

In 1950, Associated Press in an article predicted that in the year 2000, “third-dimensional color television will be so commonplace and so simplified…that a small device will project pictures on the living room wall so realistic they will seem to be alive,” article further predicted that

The room will automatically be filled with the aroma of the flower garden being shown on the screen.

Yup there are 3D televisions but aroma in it is still far away. You can see things in 3D while sitting in your lounge but can’t smell the aroma created by Tv.