LG F70 Review

This time LG company showcased various devices at Mobile World Congress event in Barceloana. However the Korean company later launched two amazing and affordable Android smartphones. One of these amazing models is LG F70. The phone posses amazing features and specifications. In this piece of content you will get complete leaked information and details aboutthe phone.

LG F70

LG F70 Review:

4G Phone:

LG F70 is a phone with 4G internet connectivity. As you all all know that 4G connectivity is very expensive and is found in only top end phones. LG F70 is the mobile which offers you super fast 4G internet at a very affordable price. Its an amazing feature of this phone indeed.


Design And Features:

The phone is simple yet impressive. It has got textured plastic back and is slightly chunky. The handset is available in only two colors black and white. Coming towards the design and structure of the phone, it resembles with LG F90 model however there are few differences in design cuts. The keys are soft and easy to use. The overall build quality of the phone is good enough. The phone feature a 4.5 inch screen display.


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Screen And Specifications:

LG F70 features a 4.5 inch screen with 800 x 480 screen resolution. The sharpness quality of the display is fine. Picture quality is good making the pixels apparent. Brightness is quality is also okay. Other additional features include quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, 4G of internal storage (expandable upto 32G8 via microSD card), 1 GB of RAM and a battery of 2,440mAh. As expected the battery timings of this phone should last for approximately 1.5-2 days similar to the battery timings of model LG F90. On the rear, 5MP camera is located with LED flash. A VGA secondary shooter is also located at the front. As expected, the result of the camera will be pretty average. Hence, it is suitable for occasional casual snapping. Coming towards the software features, they resemble to the software features of LG F90 model. The phone runs on Android 4.4 with the LG custom interface. Previously we heard about users complaining about LG’s user interface system but this time you won’t get any kind of complain as it is better than the Huawei or ZTE ones. Another extra amazing feature of this phone is knock Code. This feature helps you to take your phone out of standby mode by tapping a pattern on the screen.

LG F70

Price And Availability:

The phone LG F70 is rumored to be released in the first quarter of the year 2014. According to the verdict, the low RAM and screen resolution reveals that the phone won’t be that much superb. But still it would manage to gain some name in the market because of its amazing 4G connectivity at very low price. About the price tag, the phone will cost around $100 on contract. We will keep on updating you about all the latest information on LG F70. Stay locked to us.