Batman Arkham Knight is Right Here to Rock You

The good news for game lovers is leaked in the market. Warner Bros are introducing their new game for Batman Series. The game Batman  Arkham Knight, will supposedly be released on the Xbox One, PC and PS4 this year. This is supposed to be the final and last game of Batman series by the franchise. There are very scarce details about the game as it is due in October 2014. The surprise has been spoiled. I have been a great lover of Batman series and comics, and watch almost every film of this series that is what makes me able to jump on some intelligent clues about this game. The developers of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are the behind the scene of fourth and last version of batman arkham knight game.

Batman Arkham Knight Details:

According to leaked news, the streets of Gotham City would be much wider in this version. Game lovers would drive the Bat mobile easily. Some news updates also tell that this version will unite all the series villains. There is an Estimate that this version will collect all the flashes of the last versions. This version is supposed to be more hectic for Batman as all of its enemies would try their best to kill the world’s most powerful detective. There is going to be a blast while playing batman arkham knight. I hope the story is also powerful enough. Arkham city developers will provide a map 5 times bigger than the last Rocksteady’s version. Recently released trailer of Batman game make it possible to jump on some educated guess. Let’s take a look.

Batman Arkham Knight Game

Imagine that the Batman Arkham city’s opening is a terrific one with loud and heavy distorted voice. This voice creates an aura of fear and is unleashing the fears of Gotham citizens. The design of the Bat mobile and the camera shaken cinematography shows that this version of Arkham city is framed more realistically. The previous versions of game exhibited a stylish and rather glamorous way. But in batman arkham knight version car chases and fistfights are supposed to be in rough & tough manner.

Harley Quinn is still in the action till the end of the batman arkham knight game. The end of the game is fabricated at a fascinating place. The Joker is out of action now but still you can feel him in the air (indeed a legacy he is). The vacuum created after joker’s defeat is supposed to be dominated by other ferocious villains of the city. The trailer architects a picture where everyone is terrified and the police is unable to cope with this situation. Harley Quinn is ready to take revenge.  Bruce Wayne is at a dark place. He is fighting with two demons first inside him and second the city’s monsters.

Batman Arkham Knight review

You can’t make an Arkham game without the satisfying combat and stealth elements. These are the hallmark of the series, but as you can’t depend on these two elements and consider them enough. Clearly, Rocksteady knows this, and are attempting to revitalize this series with spacious design where driver can roam freely. I’m eager to see how Rocksteady is interlocking the automotive aspects. In this version Batman will stand up in a different pose after defeating the villain. ”Weapon Steal” is the new power that batman would have in this game he can pick any weapon off the floor. Batman can smash the walls, in this way he is able to use surrounding environment against villains. There would be a smooth flow of transactions between cut scenes and game play. Motion capture is used for cut scenes as well as face, body and voice are included in it.

batman arkham knight game pictures

One question in my mind is that this version of batman arkham knight is ready to beat the older ones? Just like the trailer Batman games shined because they were so restricted. Generally, the more a game opens up, the emptying and boring it becomes. I wonder that there will be many things to explore in this game? Or simply there would be a high obstacle to go from one point to another.  Driving in the old classic streets of L.A Noire was a fun thing to do at start. Unfortunately, it has just became an auto-travel work after the first few missions. Growth is the outcome of success in the video game industry. Arkham is known for its crazy and zany work in the industry so keeping your hopes high is what I suggest. What are your  thoughts?