Best April Fool Pranks That You Should Try This Year

April is around the corner and it signifies one thing fun, fun and more fun. So, have you started planning? There are a lot of pranks related to April fool’s day. So today we will tell you about some of the Best April Fool Pranks That You Should Try This Year. Many pranksters started to plan this day months ago (these sort of people are quite notorious for doing these stuff). Even the famous Search Engine Google is also famous for doing such pranks. There is a lengthy debate on the origin of April fool. People usually stick to some old pranks like “Pull my finger” while some witty and intelligent people explore new pranks and ideas for this day. But you should keep in mind that your practical joke shouldn’t harm someone. It should be witty, intelligently planned and safe.

Precautions About April Fool Pranks

Make sure that your practical joke shouldn’t harm, humiliate or hurt the target.

  • Many times, jokes create panic situations instead of creating humor and accidents happen.
  • Keep in mind that April Fool should have a humor purpose behind it.
  • Keep in mind the aftermath of your prank. Also, don’t hurt the feelings of your loved ones and friends as it may have a bad ending.
  • Keep in mind when to stop that prank because excess of everything is bad and it might spoil the prank. Also your prank should not harm someone physically.
  • Keep in mind the phobias of others and make yourself ensure that you are not playing with it.
  • Be clear in your ideas as ambiguity would lead to a failure.

Some Best April Fool Pranks to Play with Friends

  • I think food pranks will be much funnier so just make a sponge cake for someone special and prepare some yummilicious icing for it without baking it.
  • Play with eggs, hard-boil all the eggs in the refrigerator and put them back into the carton wait and watch! Eh!
  • If your friends love Oreo then lick all the cream and put toothpaste in it this is quite hilarious. Not much!
  • Well if you have non transparent bottles of ketchup and mustard sauce then just switch ketchup into mustard bottle and mustard into ketchup bottle. Try this too with salt and sugar.
  • You can also tighten a rubber band around sink‘s sprayer and then see the results.
  • If your family and friends really really hate insects then its time to get naughty. Buy some plastic insects like lizard, chameleon, grass hopper and even rats and place them in their rooms, socks and cupboards.
  • Put powder on the blades of ceiling fan and then wait for some victim to on it.
  • You can also change the settings of your friend’s cell phone just change the language to Italian, French, Dutch but keep in mind to fix it.
  • Place food color on the wind screen of the car it will generate rainbow but it’s a bit risky.
  • Gluing all the eggs on the carton is also a goofy prank.
  • Another zany prank is to paint the soap with nail polish and leave it in the bathroom.
  • You can also make a conference call to two people but then don’t say anything let them say it all.
  • Post a board on someone house typed “For Sale” keep in mind that it’s not your house.
  • You can also put some baby powder on someone’s hair dryer.
  • Sticking a note beneath someone’s mouse is a unique idea.
  • Place a plastic sheet on toilet seat yeah that is quite nasty.
  • Place marbles in the hub caps of your friend’s car.

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  • Wanna try a candy prank? Color onion in red apple color and serve them to your friends.
  • Instead of jelly filled donuts fill donuts with mayonnaise.
  • Replace anti bacterial soap with hair gel.
  • You can go to the victim’s closet and steal their shoes and then place rough shoes instead.
  • Rearrange your coworker closet in entirely different fashion.
  • Turn the settings of someone’s car into maximum.
  • Switch the signs of ladies and gents rest rooms.
  • Convert your co-worker’s key board in to garden.
  • Make a surprise cake with balloon and put icing on it.
  • Add random appointments on someone’s mobile alarm just program the alarm to snooze after every one minute.
  • Paste a note on a random car screen apologizing for an accident that never happened.
  • Paste glue on someone’s headset.
  • You can also play prank with your boy friend. Convince his boss to pretend that he has been fired.
  • Tell your boyfriend that your mom is coming to stay with you for 2 months.
  • Place your children clothes; switch his or her pants with a pair that’s too small in size. After getting dressed up in the morning, they  will think that  they’ve grown several inches over night.
  • Just  install  the  app “Krazy Kamera”  on your iPhone. Turn it on  and then ask one of your parents to  click a picture of you using  phone. The app will generate the image turn and twist every time.

best April fool pranksDo you have any other best April fool pranks to play with your loved ones. Do not forget to share it in comments.