Teen Invent a Device to Charge Cell Phone Battery in 20 Second

Smart phones brought a revolution in our daily life. A high-end cell phone provides you almost all the needful things in one pocket. Now you do not need to carry an extra GPS, camera, gaming console or a music player with you. You can listen music, play games, take pictures and search the direction by using a single device. But here is the main concern about high-tech phones is their battery life. Currently available phones in market only provide you few hours of battery on extreme use. You need 2 to 3 hours to recharge your cell phone if your battery gets fully drained.

Have you ever thought to recharge your cell phone in just 20 seconds? If yes then your dream is coming into reality very soon.

An American-Indian Teen invent a device that can charge your cell phone battery in just 20 seconds. Eesha Khare, 18 year old a student in Lynbrook High School in California invented a small device that can help you to charge your cell phone battery in 20 seconds.


Eesha explained her discovery in Intel International Science and engineering Fair held in Phoenix, Ariz. She also won a prize of USD 50,000 for her awesome discovery.

According to Eesha, This tiny super capacitor can hold great amount of energy and use a very small amount of space. This device can charge-recharge 10,000 cycles, compared to 1,000 cycles of traditional rechargeable batteries.

This device yet only tested on a LED light. This device is very light and flexible and can be used in folding displays and fabrics.

It is reported that Google and other various tech companies are in contact with Eesha and taking deep interest in her amazing invention.